Tourist Information


Telephone facilities: Local, inter-state and international dialing can be made in any part of India. The international direct dialling code for India is “0091”

Fax / Telex / Telegram: International 24-hours service from large hotels and telegraph offices in major cities.

Internet : Internet facilities is available in almost all parts of India through various ISP’s.


The most common language is Hindi. English is widely spoken in most of the States. There are 18 official languages spoken accross different states in India. Different languages are spoken, however 

Approved Guides

Trained English speaking guides are available at all important tourist centres. French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese speaking guides are available at some cities. 

The Government of India Tourist Offices can be contacted for such services. Unapproved guides are not permitted to enter protected monuments. Tourists are advised to ask the guides for the identity card issued by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India.

Please consult the nearest Govt. of India Tourist Office.

Travel Tax

Passengers embarking on journey to any place outside India from a customs airport / seaport will have to pay an Foreign Travel Tax of Rs.500/- and on journeys to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives of Rs.150/-

Loss of a Ticket

In the unlikely event of losing the air ticket, passenger should report at the nearest Airlines Office with all possible details of the document. A fresh document will be issued only after the original document has been blacklisted and the Security Department has been informed. 



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