On the Airplane
Safety briefing

Always listen to the pre-flight safety briefing because every aircraft has different standard. Take the passenger safety card in the seat pocket in front of you and follow along while you listen to the safety briefing. 
Make a mental plan of action in case of emergency. If you have any questions about the safety procedures, ask the flight attendant. 

Keep your seat belt on

Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times. Make sure your seat belt is secured snugly and low across the hips. This provides the extra protection you might need if the plane hits unexpected turbulence. 
Turbulence is an air movement that can be created by atmospheric conditions, including mountain waves or thunderstorms. Air turbulence tragedy is extremely rare even if it does provide a graphic example of why we tell passengers to keep their seat belts fastened even when the seat belt sign is not on. 

Emergency exits

Once you reach your seat, locate the closest emergency exit in front and behind you. The location of the emergency exits in relation to your seat differs depending on the particular aircraft you are flying on. 

Take note the seat rows to reach those emergency exits. In the unlikely event of an emergency this will be very helpful you to follow the instructions of the flight attendants and flight crew, and exit the aircraft as quickly as possible. 

Flotation Devices 

Life vests (under seat), and some seat cushions can be used as flotation devices. You need to know how to use your life jacket and where they are located, even if it seems you are only flying over land. Aircraft are often required to fly over water in order to land or if placed in a holding pattern. 


Pull oxygen mask toward you to start oxygen flow.
Put your own mask on first. Help children and others with their masks only after yours is secure. This will decrease the risk of you passing out before being able to help your children or other passengers. 

Fire or Smoke
  • If possible, use wet napkin or handkerchief over nose and mouth 
  • Move away from fire and smoke. 
  • Stay low. The air is clearer close to the floor.


  • Leave all your possessions behind. 
  • Stay low and proceed to the nearest front or rear exit. 
  • Follow the floor lighting to exit. Remove heeled shoes.
  • Jump feet first onto evacuation slide. Don't sit down to slide. Place arms across your chest, elbows in, and legs and feet together. 
  • Exit the aircraft and clear the area.
  • Help others after you've helped yourself. 
  • Remain alert for emergency vehicles. 
  • Never return to a burning aircraft. 
  • Most of the survivable crashes involve the rapid spread of smoke and fire. How many survive depends on how fast they are able to evacuate the aircraft. Be ready to follow flight and cabin crew instructions. 



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